Women’s March On Washington

The Pagan Cluster will reconvene to join the Women’s March on Washington on January 22, 2017.

Plans are still loose, but we will be joining with Peg Aloi from The Witches Voice for the Pagan Circle for Protection and Power at 10 AM on Saturday, before the Women’s March at Hancock Park, C Street SW (between 7th & 9th near L’Enfant Plaza).

Plan to get there early!  The METRO is going to be crowded!  

From there, we will work the magick of protection, justice, and liberty into the march in our own unique way. Come create with us. Bring a Liberty crown if you have one!




Let It Begin in Washington DC

Members of the Activist Cell of Baltimore Reclaiming and the Pagan Cluster are creating a three-part moving ritual for Friday, Inauguration Day, to take part as we participate in the “Festival of Resistance”, a march from Columbus Circle to McPherson Square.

Part 1: The River Rises

Intention: We join with each other as part of the river rising to protect our communities and the Earth.

This portion of the working is to focus on our gathering and creating some protection. Protection will be important especially as we move into the next part of the work where those who choose will be dismantling some nasty energy.

We are sweet water, we are the seed
We are the storm winds that blow away greed
We are the new world we bring to birth
A river rising to reclaim the earth!

Listen to the song

Part 2: Dis-spelling

Proposed Intention: We cut through the spell of oppression being woven here today.

We have come to understand the inauguration as a major spell being cast that day. Energetically, we envision it like a huge net being cast over the city, the world, intended to catch us all it its glamour. Our energetic intention in this portion of the working is to weaken the integrity of this net/spell in any way possible.  That might include cutting, snipping, gnawing, slipping through, tangling, pulling, ripping—whatever makes sense for you energetically. For some, this work might be purely energetic as they walk. For others, this may include some art activism (we talked about chalking fish with teeth who can both slip through nets and gnaw holes in them). Bring your ideas! Really asking everyone to take good care of themselves this week especially if they decide to participate in this part of the working, and to do purification work later in the day.

Part 3: Re-weaving

Proposed Intention: In the space we have created, we weave in justice, liberation, and protection for our communities and the earth.

This portion of the working is at the end of the march when we have reached McPherson square. We will have done a lot of work to energetically weaken the integrity of the net of lies. Now, we will work to weave in justice, liberation and protection, so that the holes we have created are not just simply mended with more lies and glamour by those who seek to harm the things we hold dear. In this way, the net of oppression becomes more like a web of life–designed for connection rather than captivity.

Ideally, we would like to do a Spiral Dance at this point while singing the chorus of Let it Begin. That way, we are actually weaving with our bodies.  We will have to see if this is feasible! otherwise we envision weaving energy from our bodies, our hearts, into the etheric web while singing.

Let it begin with each step we take
And let it begin with each change we make
And let it begin with each chain we break
And let it begin every time we wake

Listen here

An Intention for the Coming Times

Grounded in magick and activism, moving between shadow and light, we gather in community to work the deep and radical magick of resisting the destruction of all we love and support all working for justice and liberty. Rooted together, we crack through the concrete to grow and use our gifts to heal the earth and her people. May love, justice and truth prevail now.

[Consensed 12.21.16 on Winter Solstice]

People’s Climate March

Over 40 Reclaiming Witches and friends gathered in the streets of NY as the Pagan Cluster as part of the 400,000 person Peoples Climate March. They came from Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maine, and Virgina, bringing their music, voices, stories, and magic to the streets.

The group decided to participate in the “We Have the Solutions” part of the march, bringing the earth-based energy to the midst of the food justice and big NGOs section. Another contingent of pagans organized by the Peoples Environmental Coalition marched as part of the faith block. Midway through the march the pagan groups ran into each other, played with each other’s energy a bit, but ultimately brought different energies to the streets and separated out again. The Pagan Environmental Coalition had a boisterous, high-energy vibe dominated by drums. The Pagan Cluster intentionally brought an energy deeply grounded and expressed through chants, carrying the sacred woad-dyed cloth of the Living River that has been at countless actions over the past 15 years. Both energies were needed in the march and valued by those around them. At the end of the march the Pagan Cluster, having been on their feet for over eight hours and 2.5 miles of pavement, ended with a spiral dance, bringing in bystanders and raising sweet energy to feed the work needed to fight climate change.

A smaller contingent from the Pagan Cluster, those who were able to, stayed over until Monday to join the #FloodWallStreet action, to try to hold accountable the corporate, capitalist system that is responsible for climate change.

Some of the chants from the streets:

The Earth is alive
She is not for sale
When her people work together
Yes we will prevail!

(chant credit: Chrys Ballerano)

We’re all the rising sun
We’re all the change
We’re all the one’s we’ve been waiting for
And we are dawning

(chant credit: Ravyn Stanfield, modified by Ruby for inclusiveness in the streets)

We are at a crossroads
Hecate show us the way!
Where is the good road
To a bright new day?

We are at a crossroads
Leaders need to act!
May our voices be heard
Remove denial from fact!

(chant credit: words by Zay Eleanor Watersong, tune in development by Martin)

2005 – UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 11 and COP/MOP 1)

November 28 – December 9

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Pagan Cluster Call to Action

Every day we release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, depleting the ozone layer, heating up the tempertature of the earth at an alarming rate. Ice caps are melting, ocean levels are rising, weather patterns are becoming more extreme. Climate change becomes a reality as we experience the multitude of hurricanes that have battered the south east coast of the continent this season.

To all who are called…

Join the Pagan Cluster in the streets of Montreal! This conference is long, the work is global and the magick is working! Kyoto was a first step; now we need to re-iterate that the world is holding Her breath, demanding that responsible decisions be made on behalf of all that is living and sacred.

Unlike other Summits, we are not there to protest the basic intention. We are there to bolster, to boost, pour our energy into the basic hope that there is still time. Come join us, weave magic with us in the streets of Montreal for this unique opportunity to demonstrate in support of an international treaty that has the potential to impact the course of the global climate change crisis.

We invoke the element AIR

Breathe deeply. The air you breathe is the same air that filled the lungs of our ancestors. It is the same air that will sustain our descendants. We call in Air as our ally! Air is the gentle breeze, the wild wind, the hurricane. Air is the birds and other beings that soar on its currents. Air is the dawn. Air is the mind. Air is the power to set limits, and the power to break down barriers. Air is the power to discern and to make decisions. Air is the responsibility that comes with this power. By the air that is Her breath, we implore those who meet in Montreal for this conference to make decisions that will in fact protect, restore and maintain the life support systems of this earth.

Come gather on the 28th of November, and we will work magic together for the duration of the conference. May we root our work in what has gone before and work closely with our allies. At the Pagan Cluster gathering we drew cards for the eight sabbats; as we hang in the balance between the 10 of Cups and Judgement, we transition from a time of community and abundance, and a time of change, to a time of awakening and renewal. There is great shifting and transformation at this time. Let us gather this energy and bring it to the streets of Montreal!

So Mote It Be!


COP/MOP 1 is the first “Meeting of the Parties” of the Kyoto Protocol – an international treaty on climate change. Brought to birth in 1997, Kyoto is set to take effect in 2008, and to expire in as soon as 2012. This conference is the first meeting of the parties involved, to make decisions regarding the protocol.

Most of the decisions for COP/MOP 1 will be made in the days preceding December 7th, the day of arrival of the delegates, coming from 189 countries and the European Union. Decisions made at this conference will deeply affect the fate of the planet, for the next six years and beyond. The major day of action will be December 3rd.

2005 Hurricane Katrina Relief Mobilization

The Pagan Cluster created a presence in the hurricane affected areas in October 2005 to support the relief and rebuilding work of the local individuals and communities in the affected areas.

Pagan Cluster Call to Action

Listen. We have all been made aware by Hurricane Katrina, by the destruction, by the unimaginable suffering, by the choices that our government and its corporations have made, by the racism and injustice. Listen to the ancestors that have been called by our work in DC. Listen to the Queen of Cups, drawn for this Fall Equinox time at the PC Gathering. Listen to the inspiring community organizing happening, in the Algiers neighborhood which escaped flooding and resisted deportation, through the Veterans for Peace in Covington, and with many local groups.

Reports from the Action

By Starhawk


By Jesse, Juniper, and Ruby

Surrender all hope, ye who stay here

by Jesse
September 14, 2005

I am in New Orleans, in the Algiers section. We have a clinic set up. We are trying to move into the rest of New Orleans. The authorities are telling us we can’t do that because it will give people hope and these people are not to be fed or helped until they get out of the way of the corporate gentrification plans that have been stalled for years.

This is an assault on the American people by a corporate controlled government an military. The May Day Clinic, where I am working, openly Anarchist, is the first clinic to provide medical services in the Algiers section. We are the only medical resource for thousands of people who can’t afford to leave. We are next to Gretna where the sherrifs department shot refugees trying to leave.

FEMA and the Red Cross have done nothing but obstruct efforts to help people. This is an occupation. There are to goals for this occupation.

  1. To protect property from hungry and needy people.
  2. To clear out and condemn poor neighborhoods, even those not flooded, so that they can be rebuilt and taken over by Yuppies.

MayDay, Food not Bombs and others are here to aid the people with food, medical care and other needs while they resist this occupation.

What ever you do DO NOT DONATE TO THE RED CROSS. It only makes things worse.

We will soon be expanding our services and need much help in all forms. Medics, laborers and others. Medical supplies, Condoms, food. DO NOT SEND CLOTHES. We now have a new set of High heels for everyone in New Orleans.

Love, Solidarity and Magic,



by Juniper
September 20, 2005

Skotty and I intended to leave by 8:00 a.m. so as to get in before dark. By the time the litter box was changed, the last draft engineering report e-mailed and the 55-gallon drum that will be come a toilet packed with canned goods, it was noon. That put us into Baton Rouge just at dark, still an hour out of New Orleans.

As we headed into the city, our side was eriely vacant. We watched a stream of cars headed west; every other one with blinky lights of some sort. By the time we pulled up to the first check point, we were the only car moving on a 6-lane wide freeway. Knowing that we were past curfew, and that, with another hurricane headed this way the mayor had ended all re-occupation indefinitely yesterday, I fully expected to be turned around, or at least have some talking to do.

Skotty, long-haired, 5-day beard, and younger, had suggested earlier that I do the talking. I lean toward the driver’s window and say “I am here with supplies for the Common Ground Collective in Algiers.” Without another word, they wave me through. I say to Skotty “I’d feel better in this moment if we had met more resistance.”

We are driving into one of the largest cities in the country without any sign of life. Not a visible car, not a house light. Only freeway lights and the skyscraper illumination downtown. My brain is saying post-appocolyptic and the feeling in my stomach is completely unfamiliar.

We follow our mapquest directions easily. No traffic to impede last minute changes across 3 lanes. All of the remaining checkpoints are as easy as the first. I can feel my reflection; they see an official or wealthy woman with my young, male driver. No questions.

When we cross the Mississippi and land on local streets, it takes three times driving back and two times asking National Guard and NOLA police to find a mis-maked turn (Whitney Street is marked something else, if you are mapquesting your way here.)

About 9:00 p.m. we pull up to a scene that many of you will recognize. I am easily twice as old as more than 1/2 the people. Natalie, from the Rhizome Collective, orders us to get through the gate quickly, before the cops come with guns to enforce curfew. The driveway is covered with a 20-foot long makeshift cover of tarps, a wide aisle of supplies. The air is warm and heavy. The mosquitoes bring back memories of an evening in Cancun and fear of dengue fever.

The yards of two homes are filled with tents. Malik’s home is oldly elegant, un-airconditioned and without a shower. The neighbor left him the key. In the midst of what feels like a refugee camp, I am sitting in a room with 8 computers, and every power strip is charging something: phones, laptops, radios, video camera batteries. The morning meeting starts at 7:00 a.m, which now. I will know more soon!

You can’t imagine how much I miss you. I am very grateful to be here w/Skotty and other familiar faces from Austin’s anarchist community. But I can’t wait to see Jessie, who is reportedly only a mile a way!



by Juniper
October 9, 2005

Greetings from the Common Ground garage, where we continue to live in the wierd world of no showers, but wireless internet access. Pagan Cluster has been very busy the last two days, engaged in all of the tasks of relief and rebuilding. Here are some of the stories and activities:

Casey worked her slim young body into the muddy crawl space and wrestled molding, rotting, hanging insulation off the house and into the yard. It was someone else (Diane?) who went in after her to face a rat’s nest.

Jessie continues to work with Mama Dee and her crew to clean houses and cook. A young woman, Hally Burton, has set up an amazing array of batteries, wiring, lights, and small refrigerators to keep everything running from a single generator. I have fantasies of apprenticing to her to learn what looks like one of the most useful post-apocalyptic skills I’ve seen yet.

Dr. Marie is the woman who helped me realign my back 4 weeks ago in Camp Casey. After 3 weeks working with Red Cross, who wouldn’t let her dispense a band aid because of liability concerns, she is very grateful to have a chance to work through Common Ground. Even Red Cross workers sent her off with every medicine they could,
hoping she would find a place where she could dispense them. She is educating us on self-alignment and on what health care looks like, or doesn’t look like, for the poor. Apparently drug companies have been sending their most expensive and addictive medicines for “relief”.

I’ve heard Baruch is an awesome counselor. He seems very happy here. Scott Weinstein, who was in Quebec, was here, but has now left.

Yesterday, when I called to talk with Diane, she said that everyone else was unavailable for a quick conference because they were on the roof. Lisa rescued the sweetest black female dog, all skin and bones. The Animal Rescue group (middle-aged women from Baton Rouge) we’d seen minutes before had given us dog food. They’d been driving all day without being able to cox a single dog into their care. They were almost as excited as this dog to feed her and take her for care.

I’ve been collecting soil and water samples. It takes me into the most devasated areas without the solace of offering any relief whatsoever. In many of these areas, there is no one coming back for a long time. I see the occassional person driving by with a totally blank expression; unable to comprehend what they are seeing as a world they once new. It brings to mind childhood stories of biblical apocalypse. I can only wonder what the Christians must be thinking.


Juniper is an environmental engineer, activist, and organizer.

Report from New Orleans

by Ruby
October 11, 2005

Finding a bathroom is difficult, getting a shower is even harder. Today, desperate, I peed in a cup on Nelson (the bus) and poured it out the window! We heard that there were free showers at the “FEMA tent” and that they would also do our laundry. So last night we went to the huge tent city – the “disaster relief center” – and inquired of the armed guards at the gate the direction of the showers and the laundry. After dropping off my small bag of VERY dirty clothes at the “open 24 hours” mobile laundramat, we walked past rows upon rows of air conditioned tents to the shower trailer. They had the only hot showers in the city! Bicycling back to the gate this morning at 6:30, the pink sun was just rising. The inhabitants of the tent city were beginning to walk out of the gates in twos and threes. I had the feeling of ants or foreign invaders emerging from the nest there was such a uniformity to them. They were mostly men with tee shirts and picture IDs with the name of their agency – Red Cross, Salvation Army, EPA, Entergy, FEMA, National Guard, Rocky Mountain Rescue Squad…”

New Orleans is dead. I have heard the voices speaking about human spirit and hope and determination and how the city will come back. Yesterday we went to the 7th ward to work with Mama D. Her neighborhood is in the middle of the city on the east side of the Mississippi and was flooded. The lucky ones ended up with their second floors dry. She is the most resilient woman I could possibly conjure in my imaginative catalogue of remarkable women. She did not leave her home of 5 generations when Katrina was moving toward the city. Where would she go, and how? She had no car, no where to go. She weathered Katrina and then Rita by climbing up into the upper floors of her house, then floating in a small dinghy that had washed up on her street. And when the water began to recede after several days, she was there to take care of it. Houses do not do well when left alone. She was able to clean and air out her house before the mold began to grow on the walls. Her work now is to bring her neighbors home. Her deep, deep fear is that they will not return. What do you think? 63% of the residents are renters. The walls of their homes are covered in black mold. They don’t know anyone who can help clean it, who is not in the exact same predicament, and they have no money to hire anyone. Their porches and the streets are strewn with trees. Their jobs no longer exist. There are no schools for their childen, no place to buy food, none of their neighbors are around. 80% of the New Orleans police force is homeless. They are being housed in huge cruise ships… The city will be rebuilt, but it will not be the same city. If those houses are bulldozed (as the residents are being told they will be) then, yes, housing will be rebuilt. But it will not be the same city. New people will come live there. A few will return, particularly in the Algiers area which did not flood. Though that is also empty now, waiting… There are no hospitals, not court system, no postal delivery, no union halls, no community organizations, no clean water, no electricity in most parts of the city. Mama D told me that she can see the lights of the casinos from her dark porch at night. The decisions about priorities reflect the values of those in power. Bringing money back into the city takes precedence over getting residents back into their homes. Where are all those “disaster relief” workers? What are they doing? I have been all over the city and not seen anyone working except the contracted garbage haulers and volunteers and activists like us. The Red Cross does not allow their people to go into certain wards because of “liability” issues. Thirty four thousand medical people volunteered for service with them and they accepted 150 because they couldn’t handle any more than it.

Today we have returned to the bayou to work among the Houma people. The distribution center here is the most effective in the state. It is organized by Brenda Robichaux, the president of the Hauma Tribal Council. Food, clothing, cleaning supplies, household goods, tents, shovels, toiletries, diapers flow through that old barn like a river. Every day trucks deliver the stuff of a life and every day people come to pick it up. Today 97 people came and picked up what they needed for a few days. She has welcomed us with open arms. We will stay here for a week, I think. There are roofs to fix, mud to be cleared away, elders to be visited…

With love,

Washington DC Mobilization

September 24 to 26, 2005

Pagan Cluster Call to Action

To All Who Are Called:

Please join us in Washington DC, September 24th – 26th, to expose the truth about the G8, the IMF and World Bank, and the War in Iraq. Take each other’s hands in flesh and in spirit. Join with us and with the ancestors to make visible the unjust consequences of globalization, war, and military occupation and their interlocking structures that create an Empire founded on lies and greed. Bring your voice, your presence, your body, and your magic. Spin webs and read the oracles.

Part of the work of the Pagan Cluster will be to call to the ancestors who have died as a direct result of the policies of greed: our fallen soldiers, the Iraqi dead, casualties of economic globalization, and Hurricane Katrina victims. We call to the ancestors to join us in our spells demanding justice and compassion instead of greed.

We ask the ancestors to join us in holding this administration accountable for a country grinding to a standstill under escalating fuel prices without any sustainable energy alternatives.

We ask the ancestors to join us in holding this administration accountable for a world of starvation, disease, ignorance, and death under the World Bank and International Monetary Fund economic polices.

We ask the ancestors to join us in holding this administration accountable for the broken hearts of the families of dead soldiers and Iraqis.

We ask the ancestors to join us in holding this administration accountable and for the preventable displacement, disease, and death in the wake of Katrina.

With the strength of the ancestors we demand:

  • Respect, care, and opportunities for everyone homeless, including those displaced
    by Katrina
  • Trade policies that recognize the rights of people everywhere to a decent life
  • Trade policies that recognize our dependence upon and protect natural biological and climatic systems
  • An end to the illegal and immoral war in Iraq
  • Return and care for the US soldiers
  • Sustainable energy policies that reduce global warming


Saturday (Zoe)

Things went well. I think we had around 20-30 of us in DC. The cops were chill and not a ton of them.

We gathered at Dupont Circle, grounded, cast, and invoked our allies. We did an unpermitted march with the Rhythm Workers Union and black block folks to the IMF/World Bank buildings, then joined the rest of the march. We took a few breaks, laying in parks, etc. We ended the main part of the day with a spiral on the mall and a few songs.

Monday (Ruby)

The DC mobilization continues today with a civil disobedience action at the White House. The magic continues. Yesterday morning we gathered at the Washington Monument (in a glorious grove just south of it) to spend time together in circle to connect, to explore, to gather our resources, replenish our energy and continue… We worked heart opening magic and healing and offered this to Earth and to the human face of her suffering. We continued out of the grove and spun the energy down the mall through the WWII monument, along the reflecting pool to the Lincoln monument and the Viet Nam Veterans memorial ending at the reflecting pool. Our intention seems always to be about opening hearts to truth/life/spirit to find a key to unlock the spell that is so dramatically embodied in the monuments of this city.

There are several pagan cluster folks who will be participating in the White House action with the intention of getting arrested. (This will begin around noon to allow time for those who have appointments to lobby their representatives.) There have been 40 arrests already this morning in the Pentagon in an intentionally small action to block employees from getting to their work. We send out our thread to you, gathering us into circle.

Scotland 2005: Cre8 and the G8 protests

The G8 Summit, the meeting of the heads of state of the eight most powerful countries in the world, will took place in Gleneagles, Scotland July 6-8. Major protests were planned, and organizing was underway in Scotland and Britain for over a year, and much of that work was quite visionary. Urban convergence centers and a rural encampment were designed to show a vision of the world we want, and demonstrate balanced, ecofriendly ways to meet human needs.

Cre8 Summit in June worked with local, inner city communities to create a garden and social center in the path of a planned road development. Spiritual healing spaces and celebrations were planned by a network of Brits involved in earth based spirituality. And, of course, there were forums, a march expected to be the largest demonstration ever in Scotland, and nonviolent direct action.

Starhawk’s writings

2005 G8 Update #1 The Problem is the Problem
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2003 – Miami FTAA Mobilization

For two weeks in late 2003, over 70 witches of the Pagan Cluster gathered in Miami. We were trained in nonviolent direct action, magical activism, and consensus process; hosted the Anarchists and Witches ritual, helped create permaculture gardens in some of the poorest neighborhoods in Miami, and witnessed Miami turned preemptively into a police state. We tasted tear gas and were injured by rubber bullets.  We held Really Really Free Markets while waiting for our companions to get out of jail.  We made lifelong friends and worked deep magic.  Here’s our story:


From Cancun to the Miami FTAA
Gearing Up for the Miami FTAA
Call for Mass Non-Violent Direct Action

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A Dangerous Victory- Final Article