Let It Begin in Washington DC

Members of the Activist Cell of Baltimore Reclaiming and the Pagan Cluster are creating a three-part moving ritual for Friday, Inauguration Day, to take part as we participate in the “Festival of Resistance”, a march from Columbus Circle to McPherson Square.

Part 1: The River Rises

Intention: We join with each other as part of the river rising to protect our communities and the Earth.

This portion of the working is to focus on our gathering and creating some protection. Protection will be important especially as we move into the next part of the work where those who choose will be dismantling some nasty energy.

We are sweet water, we are the seed
We are the storm winds that blow away greed
We are the new world we bring to birth
A river rising to reclaim the earth!

Listen to the song

Part 2: Dis-spelling

Proposed Intention: We cut through the spell of oppression being woven here today.

We have come to understand the inauguration as a major spell being cast that day. Energetically, we envision it like a huge net being cast over the city, the world, intended to catch us all it its glamour. Our energetic intention in this portion of the working is to weaken the integrity of this net/spell in any way possible.  That might include cutting, snipping, gnawing, slipping through, tangling, pulling, ripping—whatever makes sense for you energetically. For some, this work might be purely energetic as they walk. For others, this may include some art activism (we talked about chalking fish with teeth who can both slip through nets and gnaw holes in them). Bring your ideas! Really asking everyone to take good care of themselves this week especially if they decide to participate in this part of the working, and to do purification work later in the day.

Part 3: Re-weaving

Proposed Intention: In the space we have created, we weave in justice, liberation, and protection for our communities and the earth.

This portion of the working is at the end of the march when we have reached McPherson square. We will have done a lot of work to energetically weaken the integrity of the net of lies. Now, we will work to weave in justice, liberation and protection, so that the holes we have created are not just simply mended with more lies and glamour by those who seek to harm the things we hold dear. In this way, the net of oppression becomes more like a web of life–designed for connection rather than captivity.

Ideally, we would like to do a Spiral Dance at this point while singing the chorus of Let it Begin. That way, we are actually weaving with our bodies.  We will have to see if this is feasible! otherwise we envision weaving energy from our bodies, our hearts, into the etheric web while singing.

Let it begin with each step we take
And let it begin with each change we make
And let it begin with each chain we break
And let it begin every time we wake

Listen here


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