2005 – UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 11 and COP/MOP 1)

November 28 – December 9

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Pagan Cluster Call to Action

Every day we release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, depleting the ozone layer, heating up the tempertature of the earth at an alarming rate. Ice caps are melting, ocean levels are rising, weather patterns are becoming more extreme. Climate change becomes a reality as we experience the multitude of hurricanes that have battered the south east coast of the continent this season.

To all who are called…

Join the Pagan Cluster in the streets of Montreal! This conference is long, the work is global and the magick is working! Kyoto was a first step; now we need to re-iterate that the world is holding Her breath, demanding that responsible decisions be made on behalf of all that is living and sacred.

Unlike other Summits, we are not there to protest the basic intention. We are there to bolster, to boost, pour our energy into the basic hope that there is still time. Come join us, weave magic with us in the streets of Montreal for this unique opportunity to demonstrate in support of an international treaty that has the potential to impact the course of the global climate change crisis.

We invoke the element AIR

Breathe deeply. The air you breathe is the same air that filled the lungs of our ancestors. It is the same air that will sustain our descendants. We call in Air as our ally! Air is the gentle breeze, the wild wind, the hurricane. Air is the birds and other beings that soar on its currents. Air is the dawn. Air is the mind. Air is the power to set limits, and the power to break down barriers. Air is the power to discern and to make decisions. Air is the responsibility that comes with this power. By the air that is Her breath, we implore those who meet in Montreal for this conference to make decisions that will in fact protect, restore and maintain the life support systems of this earth.

Come gather on the 28th of November, and we will work magic together for the duration of the conference. May we root our work in what has gone before and work closely with our allies. At the Pagan Cluster gathering we drew cards for the eight sabbats; as we hang in the balance between the 10 of Cups and Judgement, we transition from a time of community and abundance, and a time of change, to a time of awakening and renewal. There is great shifting and transformation at this time. Let us gather this energy and bring it to the streets of Montreal!

So Mote It Be!


COP/MOP 1 is the first “Meeting of the Parties” of the Kyoto Protocol – an international treaty on climate change. Brought to birth in 1997, Kyoto is set to take effect in 2008, and to expire in as soon as 2012. This conference is the first meeting of the parties involved, to make decisions regarding the protocol.

Most of the decisions for COP/MOP 1 will be made in the days preceding December 7th, the day of arrival of the delegates, coming from 189 countries and the European Union. Decisions made at this conference will deeply affect the fate of the planet, for the next six years and beyond. The major day of action will be December 3rd.

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