Washington DC Mobilization

September 24 to 26, 2005

Pagan Cluster Call to Action

To All Who Are Called:

Please join us in Washington DC, September 24th – 26th, to expose the truth about the G8, the IMF and World Bank, and the War in Iraq. Take each other’s hands in flesh and in spirit. Join with us and with the ancestors to make visible the unjust consequences of globalization, war, and military occupation and their interlocking structures that create an Empire founded on lies and greed. Bring your voice, your presence, your body, and your magic. Spin webs and read the oracles.

Part of the work of the Pagan Cluster will be to call to the ancestors who have died as a direct result of the policies of greed: our fallen soldiers, the Iraqi dead, casualties of economic globalization, and Hurricane Katrina victims. We call to the ancestors to join us in our spells demanding justice and compassion instead of greed.

We ask the ancestors to join us in holding this administration accountable for a country grinding to a standstill under escalating fuel prices without any sustainable energy alternatives.

We ask the ancestors to join us in holding this administration accountable for a world of starvation, disease, ignorance, and death under the World Bank and International Monetary Fund economic polices.

We ask the ancestors to join us in holding this administration accountable for the broken hearts of the families of dead soldiers and Iraqis.

We ask the ancestors to join us in holding this administration accountable and for the preventable displacement, disease, and death in the wake of Katrina.

With the strength of the ancestors we demand:

  • Respect, care, and opportunities for everyone homeless, including those displaced
    by Katrina
  • Trade policies that recognize the rights of people everywhere to a decent life
  • Trade policies that recognize our dependence upon and protect natural biological and climatic systems
  • An end to the illegal and immoral war in Iraq
  • Return and care for the US soldiers
  • Sustainable energy policies that reduce global warming


Saturday (Zoe)

Things went well. I think we had around 20-30 of us in DC. The cops were chill and not a ton of them.

We gathered at Dupont Circle, grounded, cast, and invoked our allies. We did an unpermitted march with the Rhythm Workers Union and black block folks to the IMF/World Bank buildings, then joined the rest of the march. We took a few breaks, laying in parks, etc. We ended the main part of the day with a spiral on the mall and a few songs.

Monday (Ruby)

The DC mobilization continues today with a civil disobedience action at the White House. The magic continues. Yesterday morning we gathered at the Washington Monument (in a glorious grove just south of it) to spend time together in circle to connect, to explore, to gather our resources, replenish our energy and continue… We worked heart opening magic and healing and offered this to Earth and to the human face of her suffering. We continued out of the grove and spun the energy down the mall through the WWII monument, along the reflecting pool to the Lincoln monument and the Viet Nam Veterans memorial ending at the reflecting pool. Our intention seems always to be about opening hearts to truth/life/spirit to find a key to unlock the spell that is so dramatically embodied in the monuments of this city.

There are several pagan cluster folks who will be participating in the White House action with the intention of getting arrested. (This will begin around noon to allow time for those who have appointments to lobby their representatives.) There have been 40 arrests already this morning in the Pentagon in an intentionally small action to block employees from getting to their work. We send out our thread to you, gathering us into circle.